Learning the Kannada Alphabet…Vowels

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to start using the ICC Kannada online course.  The first lesson was 15 vowels…Wow!  My ears are going to have to adjust to the subtle differences between letters. 

The lesson introduced the letter, showed a word with a picture with the vowel, and then showed how to write the vowel.  Writing was fun-the letters are beautiful and intricate.  A lot of the letters involve the same written motions (loops and curliques), so I think by the end I was starting to get the hang of it.  I will definitely need to stock up on index cards to make flash cards!

The last two vowels were confusing for me…the “ahm” and the “ahuh” (or something like that).  The example for “ahm” was “angi” (shirt) and the other was the word for sorrow.  I was confused because in the written word I couldn’t find the vowels written exactly like the alphabet letter…they morphed somehow.  Satya explained that the word for sorrow has the same hiccup sound people make when they are sobbing…it will be easier to remember now with that explanation.

I’m looking forward to learning actual phrases and sentences.

This weekend I am definitely going to get some index cards!