More Kannada Words

My mother-in-law has decided to help me learn Kannada.  The current plan is to learn 2 words a day.  Yesterday I learned 1 (onedu), 2 (erdu), along with the word for fruit (hannu), and banana (balahannu). 

“Hannu” is the general word for fruit.  In Kannada, most words for fruit end in “hannu” so it is like saying “peach fruit”, “banana fruit”, etc. 

Both mother and father-in-law agree that more English is starting to creep into Kannada creating “Kanglish”.  People will say “apple” instead of something in Kannada.  My guess is that is because apples are exotic to Karnataka.  Also, apples don’t seem to be popular.  Satya dislikes apples-he says they are too bitter. 

The in-laws also say that the English word “milk” is used often too.  This one I can’t figure out.  Milk and dairy seem to be key parts of the Lingayat Karnataka diet.  Why do people use “milk” instead of the Kannada word?