Everybody loves to watch movies, right?

On this page you will find a list of some of our favorite movies and (some not so favorites) and feel free to add your favorites too.

Kannada We don’t like to see tragedies or very violent movies, so here are some good, family picks. 

Apthramitra-very good.  lots of fun and a little scary.

Operation Diamond Racket-Sandalwood’s answer to James Bond.  Must see Dr. Rajkumar’s song “If you..”

Guru Shishyaru-fun with mythological overtones.  Starring Vishnuvardhan, who was one of Karnataka’s most popular actors, next to Dr. Rajkumar.  This one is a family favorite.  It is a myth that became a film.  An angel became human and is Vishnuvardhan’s love interest and eventually must choose to stay human with him or to leave.  Wise gurus become stupid, but their mistakes bring good luck.


Don-must see thriller-man must impersonate a mobster.  Starring Amitabh Bachchan in his prime.  Singh is Kinngh seems like it borrowed something from this one.

Paheli-told like a folktale from Rajasthan.  I liked the puppets a lot who are the film’s narrators.  Gorgeous (clothes, actors, colors of the movie)  movie and a great love story.   Hmm, just saw that it is based off of Girish Karnad’s movie Nagamandala-will now have to see the original Kannada version. 

Jab We Met-light romantic comedy with gorgeous scenery of the Himalayas.  Good songs, too.  We will buy this one on Blu-Ray.

What’s your rashee?-a movie to be avoided at all costs.  Guy tries to find perfect girl so dates girls by their astrological sign.  Also, in its disfavor, stars my least favorite actress, Priyanka Chopra 12 times!!

Dhoom and Dhoom 2-very fun, light motorcycle movies.  We enjoyed both, though we both are not sure if Aamir Khan will be a great villain in Dhoom 3 like John Abraham and Hrithik Roshen.   I think Aamir is too old and too short, but we shall see….

Bachna Ae Haseeno-good message about dating-be careful with the feelings of others.  Great songs. 

Bunty Aur Babli-so-so but seemed to drag on forever.  Lots of bright colors and some really good songs and some really dull ones.

Rab ne Bana Di Jodi-I really liked this movie, but the age difference between the main characters is a little creepy.  Some very nice songs.  Very traditional values.

Om Shanti Om-a Bollywood extravaganza-lots of colors, over the top storyline, huge song numbers.

Monsoon Wedding-one of the first Indian movies I ever saw.  Loved it. Music is great.  It has it all-drama, laughs, tears, and romance.  Very realistic.


Loins of Punjab-Hilarious, but not quite family viewing appropriate.  It is about a song competition in NJ.  The movie does have a very good song and does have a heart.

Kadha Parayumbol-Malayali version of Billu Barber.  This version was first and very, very good.  Family appropriate.  Much more “real” feeling and believable than Billu Barber.  Gorgeous scenery of Kerala.  Great acting. 

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