Best Book For Learning Kannada (so far…)

When Satya and I were in India we went to the “Russian Book Exhibition” which is where Satya remembers selecting his books as a child.  He remembers getting beautifully illustrated Russian books that had been translated into English.  Times have changed, however, and this time we didn’t see any Russian illustrated books (lush colors, very detailed, with folklore themes).   There were many books in English and many in Kannada.  I selected a book of rangoli patterns because I think rangoli is so beautiful (and tricky!).

On the last table were dictionaries and language learning books.  Then, I saw the prize….”Conversational Kannada: A Micro-Wave Approach”.  It even comes with a CD!  The book is written by N.D. Krishnamurthy and Dr. U.P. Upadhyaya. The authors wrote the book after years of helping U.S. Peace Corps volunteers learn Kannada.   The lessons cover typical beginning conversations and include notes on the culture and on grammar.  One thing to note is that the conversations are written out using the English alphabet, not the Kannada alphabet.  This could be a plus because it enables the learner to get right to the words.  Or it could be a minus because I remember reading about one blogger’s experience with Hindi-those who never mastered the Hindi letters and relied on transcribing them to English letters never learned the finer points of Hindi sounds. In the rear of the book the conversations of each lesson are written out in Kannada script so it is up to the learner how much they want to interact with the Kannada script.

The ISBN for the book is 978-81-7286-580-1 and it is published by Prism Books.

Now I just have to use the book!

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