Some Favorite Pictures From India

Bananas.  I ate so many bananas!  They are the perfect snack food, like a granola bar or energy bar.  Bananas are filled with nutrients, cheap, safe to eat, and everywhere!

The top picture is of the things we needed for our simple temple wedding blessing.  It was a no-fuss ceremony.  It was nice to feel included and I’m very thankful to have had the ceremony.  We were blessed by many members of Satya’s family.  This made our fourth wedding ceremony and now we are done!

The other picture is one of the first pictures we took in India-out the window of our Bangalore hotel room.  We were looking onto a very busy street corner early in the morning.  People would stop at the temple to pray on their way to work or to school.

The solar water heater on the roof of Satya’s home.  The U.S. has a lot to learn from India in regards to energy efficiency.  Usually, this worked very well (sometimes too well!).

A view from the roof again.  This is the Tata Indica that seems to be very popular in India.  Very nice car, loaned from family friends.  We would load up to 6-8 people into this sometimes.  I liked zooming around, listening to booming Bollywood music on the cd player, and being crowded amongst family.

Monkey at Jog Falls.  Kids+Snacks=Being followed around by monkeys.  They are cute at a distance.  One of them snatched a bag of snacks from the 5 year old which was a little unsettling.  The monkey then proceeded to put the plastic bag over its head and empty all the snacks onto the ground.

Monkeys are also a fact of life in town.  Satya’s mom has had monkeys walk into the house and steal bags of peanuts from the kitchen.  Also, sometimes at night the monkeys will sleep in the trees which means they will pee in the yard in the morning.  Monkeys are also known to steal purses.

In India, nature is an integral part of life.  Every ceremony involves local plants.  Animals are respected.  The moon is important because it keeps the time of the Hindu festival calendar-every festival seems to either be on a full moon date or a new moon date.  Here in the U.S. the moon is completely ignored.

I saved the best for last…Nandi at the temple at Banavasi.  Nandi is the bull who is Shiva’s faithful companion.  Wherever there is Shiva in a temple, there will usually be Nandi looking in the direction of Shiva.  This particular Nandi is special because he is looking at both his parents, one eye towards Shiva and one towards Parvati.  Satya’s cousin told me this is to remind people that both parents are to be respected equally.  I love that message.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meeka
    Jun 07, 2010 @ 17:59:24

    Congratulations on the final wedding ceremony! I also like the message about parents from the Nandi you mentioned. It seems like a lot of things (even everyday things) in India always have some special message or meaning. I’ve heard so much about Jog Falls…how was it?

    Thanks!! Jog was definitely worth a visit for the dramatic scenery. We saw it from two angles. We stopped at the more touristy angle for lunch. There were raised circular platforms to sit on and have lunch. We spread a blanket out, set the food out, slipped out of shoes and ate. Unfortunately, there were small black curious cows that circled us. One kept butting me trying to get to my chappatis!! There were busloads of Indian tourists there, only one other Westerner. The Falls themselves were almost trickles-not the huge, wide falls from the movies, but then we saw them in January-not at the end of the monsoon.


  2. apple
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 03:25:27

    I am so interested in Indian culture,very marvelllous.I love all the messages.


  3. Vikram
    Sep 06, 2010 @ 14:34:43

    Seen Peepli Live yet ?

    No, not yet. I’m not sure we will. The issue hits kind of close to home. Some of Satya’s farmer relatives burned their fields in Karnataka in protest of hybrid seeds/globalizing agriculture.


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