Sorry for not posting for so long.  The last few weeks were stressful.  Satya has had a few job offers so we were trying to decide which path to take.  For now, it looks like we won’t be making any big changes until the summer.  On the bright side, when that time comes we will be ready and hopefully we will both be in agreement.  I don’t think there is much exciting to say about that.  I think Americans and Indians take the same things into account when deciding which job offer to take. 

In our multicultural household, nothing majorly new to report.  We watched a few more Malgudi Days episodes, including some of the newer ones.  We saw the “Salt and Sawdust” episodes where Swami is grown up and has a wife.  The episode was very heart warming with Swami trying to help his wife write her novel. Unfortunately for the wife, she isn’t a great writer and the publisher’s like Swami’s food accounts the best.  My favorite episodes are still the original series about young Swami and his friends and family. 

In cooking news, we’ve tried sprouting some the beans we’ve gotten from the Indian grocery store.  One kind worked pretty well, moth.  The other kind, kala chana, we let sprout for too long.  The beans got strangely spicy and we decided not to use them at all.  I’d never had bean sprouts as a main dish before.  We will keep trying.  The benefits of sprouting the beans sound great-an increase in nutrition and digestability.

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  1. Solilo
    Feb 14, 2009 @ 21:25:43

    I didn’t even know that there is an episode where Swami grows up and gets married. I have not seen it. Is it on youtube?

    I loved watching Manjunath as a boy with his friends.

    I don’t know if the episode is on Youtube or not. We bought a set of 27 episodes of Malgudi Days. It just says that it is R.K. Narayan’s Malgudi Days Volume 1 and it has a blue cover. The episodes are mostly of the original series with a few of the newer ones mixed in.


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