One Word Meme

Evenshine tagged me for this meme.  Thanks, Evenshine.  I agree…the trickiest part is the one word answers.  I was very tempted to write more.

Where is your cell phone? Home
Where is your significant other? Computing
Your hair color? Brown
Your mother? Nurturing
Your father? Conformist
Your favorite thing? Learning
Your dream last night? Forgotten
Your goal? Growth
The room you’re in? Public
Your hobby? Cooking
Your fear? Stagnation
Where do you want to be in six years? Parent
Where were you last night? Apartment
What you’re not? Unchanging
One of your wish-list items? Perfume
Where you grew up? Minnesota
The last thing you did? Clean
What are you wearing? Warmth
Your TV? Overbearing
Your pet? Imagined
Your computer? Exploration
Your mood? Impatient
Missing someone? Family
Your car? None
Something you’re not wearing? Necklace
Favorite store? Banana
Your summer? Full
Love someone? Mucho
Your favorite color? Turquoise
When is the last time you laughed? Afternoon
Last time you cried? Anger

I tag everyone who would like to respond.


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