Nammura Mandara Hoove; My Second Kannada Movie

We finished another Kannada movie this past weekend, “Nammura Mandara Hoove”.  Satya says the title roughly translates to “Flower in my Native Place”.  He picked out the movie because he wanted me to see what North Karnataka looks like.  Apparently, it was filmed within 20 miles of his mother’s village. 

What is it about:

A young man (Shivaraj Kumar) from the movie/music business travels to North Karnataka to visit a friend and to find local talent.  While there, he falls in love with the same young woman (Prema) his friend (Ramesh) has loved silently for years.  The young woman falls in love with the first young man.  Who has a happy ending?  Who ends up alone?


I thought the songs were very beautiful.  In some ways, the songs sound almost Chinese to me.  The songs and dances are very different from those in Bollywood movies-more subdued and with fewer instruments. 


I thought the story was fairly realistic in some ways like how the love triangle was resolved.  In other ways, I thought that some things were overwrought-why would the tribal girl agree to pretend to have an affair with the movie/music producer?  I would think that in real life if word leaked out that she was having a relationship out of marriage her life would be extremely difficult and her chances of marriage would be ruined. 


Again, I am wondering why the physical standards for male Kannada actors are so low.  For Shivaraj I guess it makes sense as his father is the legendary Dr. Raj Kumar.  Ramesh seems to be a fairly successful actor in his own right too.  Ramesh and Shivaraj Kumar definitely are not “hot”, “cute”, or even attractive.  They were both overweight and Shivaraj needed a haircut.  Am I the only one thinking this? 


Another thing I’ve noticed with both Bollywood and Kannada films is how “touchy” they are.  Do people in India just touch more in general than Americans?  I don’t mean sexual touching, but friendly, affectionate touching and playful slapping/hitting.  From the movies, this appears to be true.


I thought it was interesting how the movie showed a variety of different people.  There was the local North Karnataka man wearing an earring in each ear, part of a gourd on his head for a hat, shirt, and longi.  The young tribal woman wore a dress more like a Polynesian dress: above the ankles, over one shoulder, belt at waist.  She had tattoos on her forehead and chin.  Her hair was bunched in a ponytail on one side of her head.  Unfortunately, the local was in the movie mostly for comedic relief and the tribal girl nearly got used by Shivaraj’s character.


I’d recommend the movie for its scenery and music. I liked how Prema got to yell at them at the end and how she got them to behave like adults finally.  On the other hand, I thought that the movie was slow and the guys immature.  The captions were also a bit off in some places.  5/10

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. evenshine
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 13:15:50

    I’ve meant to comment about this, since you’ve mentioned it several times in relation to the past few movies: is it possible that Kannada (or, to a larger extent, Indian) standards for beauty are different? You seem quite taken aback that the male leads should be chubby or need haircuts. In South America I was regularly surprised by the number of people that commented on my weight (taboo here in the US), in terms of heavier=better, i.e.” You’re too skinny, haven’t you been eating?”.
    My point is, perhaps the cultural standards are different- what you may find attractive could be different than what the average Kannada-an (?)would find. Maybe your DH has some insight?


  2. minnesotameetskarnataka
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 17:39:31


    That is a great point! I’ve been trying to figure that out-what are the standards of beauty for Karnataka? I know mustaches were very important markers of masculinity. Are they still, I don’t know.

    I’ve noticed that recently Bollywood’s standards of beauty are fairly close to those in the U.S. Perhaps I need to watch more recent Kannada movies?

    DH hasn’t been much of a help. He thought they didn’t look that great either.

    Regarding weight, his family is health conscious so chubby is not a good thing. Ultra-skinny isn’t either.


  3. La Vida Loca
    Dec 27, 2008 @ 07:13:06

    it is true that we indians are pretty touchy feely than americans.


  4. PV
    Mar 05, 2012 @ 19:24:25

    Hi, this is 24yr old, kannada speaking married female, living on the east coast of US. Just happened to come across your blog. I could not stop giggling when i read this “shivrajkumar and ramesh are definitely not cute …” and I could not resist myself from commenting :-). I keep pulling my hubb’y’s leg that he should change his career to kannada films and he’ll easily beat shivrajkumar in looks :-D. You’ve written beautifully 🙂


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