Food is central to culture and relationships.  This blog will occassionally discuss food and recipes.  In my opinion, it is a lot more fun to cook food for others than to just cook for myself.  Cooking with someone else is even better!!  I cooked some for my family in Minnesota, but living on my own I subsisted on mostly on Cliff bars, veggie burgers, and cheese sandwiches. 

Since I’ve met Satya I’ve enjoyed exploring South Indian cuisine.  Before I met him, my experience of Indian food was limited to palak paneer, chicken tikka masala, and mango lassi.  South Indian cooking is a lot different, at least how we eat it.  Satya grew up in a Lingayat household so his family were (and are) strict vegetarians.   This means along with no meat, no eggs as well.  In fact, his mother is extremely allergic to eggs and eggs cause him to break out with acne.

 When Satya and I eat together, we eat vegetarian which is quite a change for someone who grew up eating meals of meat, potatoes, and mushy vegetables.  Our compromise is that we can eat whatever we want when we are apart.

So far I’ve found South Indian cooking to be delicious and fairly easy to prepare.  As long as I have a recipe, I’m ok.  Satya does not believe much in recipes and loves to experiment which can drive me nuts when we cook together (what comes next? is my constant question).  South Indian food can be spicy at times, but we try to make sure we always include something with yogurt (or curds, as he calls them).  Raita and pachadi are delicious and mango lassi also cools the spice.  I’m getting much better at chopping vegetables!


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